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How to Record Live Music on a Laptop With Windows Vista

Posted by Mike Anonymous on September 27, 2010

By Evan Strayer, eHow Contributor
updated: January 3, 2010

The Sound Recorder program in Windows Vista enables the user to record audio for as long as the hard drive on the laptop has room to store the digital files. Recording live music with a laptop running Windows Vista requires an external microphone with cabling of sufficient length to reach from the performance area to the computer for capturing the musicians’ sound. The recording quality can be monitored by connecting a set of headphones to the laptop headphone jack.


  1. Insert the mini-plug on the microphone cable into the laptop’s sound card jack, typically located on the left or back edge of the computer.
  2. Uncoil the cable with the microphone at the end and place it as close to the musicians as practical.
  3. Start the laptop and launch Microsoft Sound Recorder in Windows Vista by clicking the “Start” button in the lower left-hand corner, then choosing “All Programs” and double clicking “Sound Recorder” from the list.
  4. Click the “Start Recording” button with the red circle to begin digitally recording the live performance.
  5. Click the “Stop Recording” button at any time to save the audio file. The Save box will open automatically.
  6. Click the down arrow next the the “Desktop” field to choose a folder for saving the audio file, then type a name for the recording in the “File Name” box.
  7. Click the “Save as Type” button to choose a file format for storing the recording on the laptop. The Microsoft .WMA file or .WAV file are best for storing recordings that will be burned to a CD or uploaded to another audio device such as an MP3 player.

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