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[Share] Zenix 16092010 [ Ammo, Grade, Wallshot ]

Posted by Mike Anonymous on September 17, 2010

Feature :

  • Unlimited Ammo [Always on]
  • Major Mission [F1]
  • Wallshot [Always on]

Download Here

Cara Menggunakan :
Buka dua buah file saat Hackshield sedang loading :

– zenix.exe
– zenixWS.exe

Download Link :Click Here
Clue Password : [Komunitas Cyber Terkeren] 🙂

Cara Download Click Here

Credit : Zenix@Snutz.us


10 Responses to “[Share] Zenix 16092010 [ Ammo, Grade, Wallshot ]”

  1. Anonymous said

    PASS nya apa om?

  2. julian said

    @atas bodoh baca tuh clue pass nya..
    thanks kk 🙂

  3. synyster said

    susah bgd pass clue nya.. kaskus ya? kok gak bisa
    need pencerahan gan

  4. Anonymous said


  5. jacko said

    wkwkwk bodoh bgd lo smua, jelas2 udah disebutin di credit..
    thanks gan !

  6. Lukman said

    koq pass nya gg bisa gan..

  7. ekos said

    masi wok gak gan ?

  8. ewewewew said

    kok ngak bisa passnya ia..

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