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Jonita 16092010 release!

Posted by Mike Anonymous on September 16, 2010

Nothing new. Tested for 20 minutes. No support. No another HSUpdate release. No simple alt-tab*

*)WinLockDLL has been protected by the game’s security mechanisms. If it’s bypassed, the game will return a security error message after some time (10 to 20 minutes)..

Download Here

PASS CLUE : Hewan yang suaranya *mbeeekkk!..

Klik disini untuk Tutorial Jonita

Klik disini untuk Cara Download

Credit by John_Smith @nyit-nyit.net


6 Responses to “Jonita 16092010 release!

  1. Pujok said

    di coba dulu bang..
    wah paswordnya mirip ama yang comment di bawah gw

  2. Dhe Black said

    dc dc juga ya gan??

    @atas gw
    tau aj lu itu mirip gw

  3. susu kuda said

    BISA KALi…

  4. Si AZER REZA said

    Cara Gunakanya Gimana

  5. Dewa KEmatian said

    gk mau dc truss,,,,,

  6. ranu said

    knp di komp gue klo cheat slalu aada bug trap

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